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FAQs - eDrawings for Windows

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Download and Installation

From where can I download eDrawings Viewer for Windows?

You can download eDrawings Viewer for Windows here.

Which editions of Windows are supported for use with eDrawings?

For the latest on OS support, please refer to the System Requirements page here.

In which languages is eDrawings Viewer and Professional available in?

Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese-Brazilian, Russian and Spanish

What is the difference between the eDrawings Viewer and eDrawings Professional applications?

Please refer to the product matrix here.

What is the most recent version of eDrawings which is compatible with the 32-bit versions of Windows?

eDrawings 2015 Special Edition (SE) is available, as a one-time release, for 32-bit versions of Windows. You can download this version of eDrawings from the 'FREE CAD TOOLS' section on the SOLIDWORKS downloads page. This special eDrawings version is the last version which runs on 32-bit operating system. eDrawings 2016 or newer will work only on a 64 bit operating system.

Using eDrawings

Which file types can I open in eDrawings Viewer and Professional?

You can open the following file types:

  • SOLIDWORKS native files and templates (.sldprt, .slddrw, .sldasm, .prtdot, .drwdot and .asmdot)
  • eDrawings native files (.edrw, .eprt, .easm, .edrwx, .eprtx, .easmx)
  • DXF/DWG files (.dxf, .dwg)
  • ProEngineer files (.prt, .prt., .xpr, .asm, .xas)
  • 3DXML files (.3dxml)
  • STL Files (.stl)
  • CALS Files (.cal, .ct1)

What must I do to enable the ability to measure files in eDrawings?

eDrawings files (.eprt/.easm/.edrw) saved from SOLIDWORKS: the Okay to measure option must be enabled at the time the file was saved in SOLIDWORKS.

eDrawings files (.eprt/.easm/.edrw) 'Saved as' a copy from eDrawings: the Enable measure option must be checked at the time the file is saved in eDrawings. This option will only be available if the original file was measure-enabled.

SOLIDWORKS files (.sldprt/.sldasm/.slddrw):  only files last saved with a SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium license can be measured in eDrawings Viewer. In eDrawings Professional, measure is available regardless of the SOLIDWORKS license used when saving the file.

Other files (.dxf/.dwg/.stl/.3dxml): measure is only availabe in eDrawings Professional.

How do I enable stereoscopic 3D views in eDrawings?

You can enable stereoscopic 3D views by following these steps:

  1. Ensure your NVIDIA 3D Vision or 3D Vision Pro, Glasses and emitter are installed, and the NVIDIA Control Panel is showing that stereoscopic 3D is enabled.
  2. Start the eDrawings application.
  3. Select Tools > Options.
  4. In the Options dialog box window, under Performance, enable Graphics boost.
  5. Enable 3D Stereo Viewing.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Open a model in eDrawings, and click Perspective on the top nav. bar to turn on 3D viewing. Put on your glasses, and watch your SOLIDWORKS designs come to life!

Requirements: eDrawings version 2013 or later, NVIDIA Quadro Professional graphics card.

How do I embed an eDrawings file within a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation?

Save the eDrawings file as an HTML file and add an embedded web browser control to your PowerPoint presentation. You will need to enable macros in PowerPoint and set macro security to low or medium. (Tools->Macro->Security). In your eDrawings slide, you will need to add two items: the Microsoft Web Browser control and a button to activate it. Your button will typically set the URL of the web browser to the location of your eDrawings file.

Do I need to install the CAD Application and eDrawings Viewer on the same machine?

No, you don't need to install any other software alongside eDrawings Viewer.

How can I avoid problems with my email software automatically removing .EXE attachments from emails when sending eDrawings file to recipients who have not installed the eDrawings Viewer?

To minimize the impact of the larger viewer size and email virus filters, a ZIP and HTML option has been added to the File...Send command. This option does not embed the eDrawings Viewer in an executable file; instead it automatically downloads it from the Internet and embeds the eDrawings Viewer in a standard web page. Since the HTML file only contains the eDrawings file data and a small amount of HTML code, this results in a smaller file size than the original .EXE option.

If I send somebody a review-enabled eDrawings file, do they need to install eDrawings Viewer to markup that file?

If you send a review-enabled eDrawings file in either executable (.exe), masked executable (.ex) or HTML (.htm) format, the recipient is not required to install eDrawings Viewer to mark up a review-enabled eDrawings file.

How can I prevent an eDrawings file recipient from using the measure feature?

To protect your design data, you can permanently disable the measure capability. Measure Enabled/ Disabled is a property of the eDrawings file. This attribute of the file is set when the eDrawings file is created.

How do I report a problem with eDrawings for Windows?

You can report problems on the Report a Problem page. Please try to include a detailed description of the problem.

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